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Light Sensitivity
      Low Medium High      
      1 2 3      
Species   Sensitivity   Species   Sensitivity    
Birch   2   Bamboo   1    
Cork   1   Bubinga   3    
Hickory/Pecan   1   Brazilian Cherry 3    
White Oak   1   Spotted Gum 1    
Maple   3   Sydney Blue Gum 1    
Mesquite   3   Iroko   3    
Ovengkol   2   Jarrah   3    
Sapele   3   Santos Mahogany 3    
Australian Cypress   1   Brazilian Maple 2    
Red Oak   2   Merbau   3    
White Ash   3   Tasmanian Oak 2    
Beech   1   Paduk   3    
Antique Heart Pine   3   Purple Heart 3    
Black Cherry   3   Brazilian Teak 2    
Douglas Fir   3   Thi/Burmese teak 3    
Southern Yellow Pine 3   Brazilian Walnut 3    
American Black Walnut 1   Wenge   3    
Some floors are more light sensitive than others, meaning that the wood darkens over time. It may take six months to a year (depending on the species) for floors to reach their full rich color. In viewing our chart above you will see that the species rated at a number one are less sensitive to quick color changes than the species rated at a number three. To eliminate obvious tone differences, it’s best to rotate rugs and furniture periodically so that all floors get equal amounts of sun exposure. Eventually, any variations in color tones will fade away.