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About Flooring


There are many ways which you can decorate your home today. Flooring is one of the single largest decision points to be made in styling your residence. When you start the decision process there are a few points to remember: what is the lifestyle of my home, what is the budget, what are your expectations of the product that you are looking at purchasing? If you remember to ask yourself these simple questions, then deciding on the floor covering will be an exciting experience. You choices in floor covering are abundant: wood, bamboo, laminate, cork, vinyl.  We are here to help you get to the end of the hallway.


Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hard wood flooring is the new wave of hardwood floors. It is not only as durable as solid hardwood flooring but also more stable. Plus the engineered version is  more eco-friendly due to the integration of more resource abundant species in a cross ply core. This also allows the flooring to be installed on concrete and in all levels of the house, even in below grade basement rooms. It is an ideal product for home and office application due to its flexibility in method of installation (nail in, glue down, or floating). You can find several engineered wood flooring items on our site under the hardwood section.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hard wood floors are an all-time classic with newly improved technology. These products are installed over wood subfloors and are an ideal fit for residential homes. Solid hardwood flooring is now available in a variety of different species and stains in addition to the original, classic Oak. We at want to achieve value but are also concerned with the environment. That is why our team pays special attention to insure that all solid hard wood floors are harvested from well-managed forests. Because we buy from suppliers directly, we feel we are the best source for your hardwood selection.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring was introduced in the 90’s and rapidly gained a tremendous market share in the flooring industry. Laminate offers the look of hardwoods without the maintenance and price points. All laminate floors are “floating floors” and can be installed on any subfloor without nailing in or gluing down. Laminate floors also feature a click system which allows it to be snapped in place and ready to walk on in seconds. We carry several lines of laminate floors from 8mm to 14mm thicknesses that are rated for residential and commercial use.  Plus our prices are dirt cheap compared to other flooring sites.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

With the introduction of strand woven bamboo floors, the popularity of bamboo jumped up another notch. This new product is even more stable and solid than traditional vertical or horizontal styles. The product is fused together under very high pressure and can stand up to even the hardest solid hardwoods. Bamboo floors can be used in residential and commercial applications and is now available in several colors in addition to customary natural and carbonized looks.

Cork Flooring

Cork Floors are the most environmentally friendly floors. The floor is created by harvesting the bark of the cork tree without cutting the tree down.  The bark grows back within 8-10 years and excess bark not used for flooring is used for wine bottle corks. The most notable feature of Cork flooring is that because it is made from a soft bark, it has a really soft and comfortable feel under your feet.

Flooring Underlayment

All floating floors require an underlayment pad between the flooring and subfloor, regardless of the type of subfloor. This underlayment provides sound reduction and serves as a moisture barrier. There are several types of underlayment with different features to accommodate specific subfloors better.  We have selected the best underlayments for each product below each item selection.